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Dusk Till Dawn – Zayn featuring Sia

Zayn is preparing the release of a new album after the massive success of his debut Mind of Mine in 2016. Dusk Till Dawn, the presumed second single off his sophomore album is an interesting, infectious and epic pop song. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Zayn, who has the ability to keep fans and critics guessing. The first verse is so freaking good, the chorus almost feels like a letdown. Zayn doesn’t need Sia on the track, but their voices blend perfectly. Dusk Till Dawn doesn’t sound like anything else on the radio, and that’s a good thing. 4.5/5

Move You – Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson recently shared that her upcoming album is the music she’s always wanted to do. If Move You and her other new single, Love So Soft, are any indication, Clarkson should follow her instincts. She’s best when singing pop songs tinged with soul. Move You is vulnerable, bare and reminds us of Clarkson’s vocal talent. She’s forayed into country and pure pop in recent years with mixed results. These two songs and her upcoming album should get Clarkson back to the top of the charts. 3.5/5

Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith

Sam Smith is back to his old tricks again. Too Good at Goodbyes is an emotional ballad that cuts right through you. The lyrics paint a picture of someone that’s been hurt so badly that they protect themselves by not fully letting people in. “I’m never gonna let you close to me, even though you mean the most to me, because everytime I open up it hurts”. Smith has never sounded better, it’s nice to have him back. 4/5

You’re the Best Thing About Me – U2

U2 has been fledgling in recent years with less than stellar album sales and that disastrous iTunes release forced onto the world. They wisely toured The Joshua Tree album this year, bringing old school fans back and building some excitement for their new stuff. You’re the Best Thing About Me isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s not a mess. The bass line is nice, Bono’s lyrics are sweet, and the Edge’s guitar is still as distinct as ever. While it won’t become their next epic anthem, it’s not going to turn fans off from the rock band that won’t go away. It’s worth noting, out of all the songs I reviewed this week, this is the one that I was singing for the rest of the day. It will stick in your head. 3/5

Shockandawe – Miguel

I always look forward to whatever Miguel has to offer based purely on his insane vocals. Shockandawe is a banger begging you to strut yourself to the nearest dance floor. It’s a different sound for Miguel, reminding me of an old N.E.R.D. song. I was a big fan of Pharrell Williams old group, and I’m a fan of this song. Miguel is the real deal and should be a household name by this point. His music is always on the fringe because he’s a unique artist who takes risks. Hopefully with this album, the risks will payoff and he’ll follow The Weeknd’s footsteps from indie darling to superstar. 4/5





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