Killing it right now

Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern

These two women are on top of the world with starring roles and and a strong friendship. Witherspoon and Dern can be seen on HBO’s Big Little Lies as Madeline Mackenzie and Renata Klein. The show is fantastic! Seriously, watch it if you aren’t already.

I read the book and must say the show and these performances give the characters much more dimension than the book. Dern especially shows Renata more as a relatable woman and less of a one dimensional bitch. You may not like her, but you at least understand where she’s coming from.

50 year-old Dern is also currently co-starring in the comedic film Wilson with Woody Harrelson. She’ll soon be seen in the much anticipated Twin Peaks and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Her beautiful home was recently featured in Architectural Digest. She’s 50 and having perhaps the best year of her career while looking fabulous!

Her friend and co-star Witherspoon is also having a great year! The adorable actress recently celebrated her 41st birthday while soaking up rave reviews for her Big Little Lies performance. This part feels like it was made for her and critics and viewers alike have noticed. Witherspoon is also responsible for bringing the book to HBO and producing the series.

She was just named storyteller-in-chief for Elizabeth Arden where she’ll help with the brand narrative, marketing and advertising campaigns.

The actresses are genuine friends who are currently on vacation together giving us all #friendshipgoals

The finale of Big Little Lies airs this Sunday at 9pm on HBO.




Brad Pitt looks different

Pic: Coleman-Rayner

Brad Pitt was spotted in LA on Thursday arriving to his art studio. Although the actor looks thin, friends say he’s “healthy and much happier”. One reason for the thin appearance could be Pitt’s recent obsession with sculpting.

“He recently spent many days and even nights working on a sculpture,” an insider told People magazine “People close to him are happy that he has found something new to be passionate about.”

Pitt looks different, but the 53 year-old actor still looks healthy in my opinion. His thin appearance isn’t the scary, gaunt look we just saw with Johnny Depp.

Check out the just released trailer for War Machine starring Pitt, Tilda Swinton, Topher Grace and Anthony Michael Hall:


Song of the day

Heatstroke – Calvin Harris, Young Thug, Pharrell, Ariana Grande

I love new music Friday, don’t you? Today Calvin Harris released Heatstroke featuring Young Thug, Pharrell, and Ariana Grande. The harmonies of Pharrell and Ariana on that bridge are so tight.

Harris mentioned “All my songs in 2017 have been sonically designed to make you feel fucking incredible,” when he released Slide last month. Heatstroke is a song of the summer contender. The weekend is here. Vibe out to this smooth tune:


This is Halle Berry when someone mentions snacks?

50 year-old Halle Berry posted this braless photo on her Instagram with the caption “Me when someone says “I’m coming over with snacks”. Halle clearly wants to show us she’s still hot and her boobs are real.

This reminds me of when basic betches get their makeup done at Sephora then post a random selfie saying “I love spring”. What they’re really saying is “look at my makeup!”. Well Halle pulled the basic betch move by posting a hot photo with a caption that has nothing to do with the picture.

Snacks? I’m not out in a field with my arms open wearing nothing but a lacy poncho when I think about snacks, sorry Halle. This is me when someone says “I’m coming over with snacks”:

Boy band show coming to abc

Remember Making the Band? The show where Lou Pearlman the creator of Backstreet Boys and Nsync, put together O-Town? Well it’s time to rejoice boy band fans…ABC just announced they’re doing another reality show competition called Boy Band. YES! YES! YES!

The network has given a 10-episode series order to the show, a reality competition where hopeful singers compete with one another to join a musical group.

In the show, viewers will have the control to vote for their favorite five band members live. No judges or host(s) are yet attached to the unscripted project, which is set to premiere this summer. I’ll be a judge! 

Matador Content (Lip Sync Battle) will produce the series, with Todd Lubin, Jay Peterson, Jane Munn and Joel Relampagos on board to exec produce.

One Direction came from a reality show, so did Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. It seems like there’s an opening for an American boy band and ABC is jumping on the chance.


Victoria Beckham Makes the perfect Mannequin

Last night on The Late Late Show, Victoria Beckham and James Corden gave us the movie trailer and carpool karaoke we didn’t know we needed. Beckham teased carpool karaoke two days ago and got Mel B all in a huff. It turns out they really weren’t doing a carpool karaoke segment. It was part of a fake trailer for Mannequin!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mannequin, it’s a movie about a window designer who falls in love with his favorite mannequin when she comes to life, except only he can see her alive. To everyone else, she’s just a mannequin. The movie starred Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, and Meshach Taylor as Hollywood. It’s probably the best movie ever made:

The question is, who did it better? I think the original edges out James and Victoria’s interpretation. Although Victoria Beckham is a lot more believable as a mannequin.

Song of the day

Feel – Robbie Williams

Today’s Throwback Thursday pick comes from pop star Robbie Williams. Williams is an underrated artist who never broke America, but has tons of really really good songs. He’s also ridiculously good looking. Feel comes off of Escapology, his fifth studio album released in 2002. Check out Daryl Hannah as his love interest in the music video:

The live version:

Dawson got Dissed

James Van Der Beek appeared on the British talk show, This Morning with Philip & Holly to plug Carters Get Rich.

The hosts introduced him by showing a montage of Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson’s accomplishments since Dawson’s Creek ended before asking “But what happened to the main man himself? He’s here now and this is what he looks like”. WOW.

Van Der Beek quickly chimed in saying “I have been on television for the last twenty years, just so you know”. The host then explains “we know that, but it worked better as a link” So you humiliate your guest because you can’t figure out another way to introduce him?

Note to self: Don’t ever agree to appear on This Morning with Philip and Holly

My favorite part comes at 1:29 “Is this something you’d like to let go forever?”

Honestly James Van Der Beek gives a wonderful interview even with that awkward start. Major props to him for keeping it professional and funny. If Aunt Viv would’ve been in his place…